Everyone uses quotes, this blogger gal is gonna be different and use lyrics of Taylor Swift songs: “Believe me, I could do it | If it’s all in my head tell me now | Tell me I’ve got it wrong somehow | I know love should be celebrated | But you tolerate it” -Taylor Swift “Tolerate it”


Alas, autism awareness month is in April, however supporting people with autism is a 24/7/365 journey of love, little wins, big wins and challenges that get figured out with work arounds, therapies teaching her how to be more self-sufficient and tons of grit. Autism is not just something we tolerate, we celebrate the person, their little wins, their big wins, all of the wins, struggling when they are doing something for the first time all by themselves and then they figure it out!

Despite the struggle, and the hoops we had to jump through at each stage, we are thriving!

A little snapshot of the eras (see what I did there 😀) of autism we have been through:

  • pre-diagnosis stage
  • birth to 3 program
  • developmental delays
  • the medical allergies
  • questioning doctors
  • the fight for services
  • the fight for a proper education
  • the fight for her future career
  • dealing with her aggressive behaviors
  • finding therapies that she enjoys (music and swimming) and decreasing her behaviors(cranial sacral)

That’s why I’m building a center for adults with autism focused on meaningful career training and placement. There will be affordable housing on site for each adult with the custom services they need to live a fulfilling, purposeful life and career.

Stay tuned for more about:

  • Amazing Grace Community and Academy
  • Tips to support people with autism
  • How this all ties to my business!

How to Help:

  • Telling your network about Amazing Grace
  • Sharing the posts about tips to support people with autism
  • Share my social media business pages and my target market

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