• Autism Center

    Grace and other kids, adults and their families will have a center just for them. I will need all the support I can get from all angles of this: Business, Financial, Education, Multiple Therapy Experts, Parents, and Children. Grace is my WHY; all children and adults and their families are the reason! This center will…

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  • Business Plan Hack

    Best Business Plan Resources of all time! Man, did I struggle to write my business plan! I took a course, continue to talk to a small business mentor and used website templates to help! It takes a village! I got support and advice from WOHM, from my SCORE mentor(next weeks resource), and also this site.…

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  • Business Course That Will Change the World

    Business Course That Will Change the World

    If you live in the Milwaukee, WI area, you are one lucky person Even luckier if you attend and graduate from this course! I had the pleasure of attending and graduating from the Diverse Business Development Program developed and taught by prominent business professionals that have been in their profession a long time. It was…

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  • Women in Tech

    Women in Tech

    My company overview and previewing the purpose of this blog and future posts.

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