Autism affects the whole family, in different intermingled ways. Siblings in general typically have an interesting relationship, add in autism for one of them and the dynamic is a whole different game. It’s like playing 2 different sports on the same field with different rules and they both think life is unfair because of what the other is getting, doing or not doing.

Grace has autism, Grant does not. Grace loves YouTube. Grant loves YouTube Shorts. Grace loves SuperWhy. Grant loves South Park. Grace loves Frozen. Grant loves Adventures in Babysitting. Grant loves playing with friends. Grace loves finding her spot and being by herself whenever and wherever she can. Grant loves Roblox. Grace REALLY loves YouTube. Grant loves his mom. Grace loves her mom. Grace loves Grant. Grant loves Grace. Grant can push Grace’s buttons. Grace will push back. But he will also stick up for her on the same day. I love Grace and Grant. Grace and Grant love me.

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