• Self-care: Sometimes you gotta take a break!

    Starting and running a service based business is harder than it looks. Then there is life. Kids, activities, eating, self-care, rest. When your business isn’t making money and tired of living off of the government. It’s time for a break, so I can take care of me and my kids. I am still going to…

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  • Mini blog #1, AKA a great Threads post

    Mini blog #1, AKA a great Threads post

    Daily shiny snippets…coming in SHINY!!!✨Read shiny mini blogs to keep your life amazing! If you want to live an amazing life, you need to talk to yourself as if you are amazing and like you would a trusted friend. 🤩 Also, if you want a to help your business, you gotta make sure you take…

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  • Productivity and Priorities

    I talked about this topic on The Connect Show with Jon and Tracy! Check it out: https://youtube.com/clip/Ugkx66l1UiaL1W1k19ryL680xNIX7oHg3luK How do you prioritize the tasks in your life? Find out how I prioritize my tasks by watching the clip and if you comment with your priorities on my posts of this on my social media platforms, I…

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  • Never Give Up and Target Market Chosen

    Never Give Up and Target Market Chosen

    Life is tough, it’s been a bumpy road, but if Grace can come as far as she has and if I have come as far as I have, then I will for sure continue to push through and become a successful entrepreneur and website design company and my daughter and the autism community will be…

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