Life is tough, it’s been a bumpy road, but if Grace can come as far as she has and if I have come as far as I have, then I will for sure continue to push through and become a successful entrepreneur and website design company and my daughter and the autism community will be better and more prepared for careers that are fulfilling and purposeful!

Website Design That Shines is pleased to announce that it will be looking to fill the gap in the autism community by hiring, teaching and looking for referrals for website design clients from within the autism community. My heart is in the autism community because of my daughter having been diagnosed with it, it’s been a long 10 years. It’s time I give back to the community that has been supporting me and my daughter. And to ensure that I am doing what’s best for the community, I will be donating 10% of each sale to an autism organization. And the client will also be getting a 10% discount on the website package as well. We will be hosting a resource discussion/coffee talk soon, place and time TBD.

⬇️TS/PR: Too short so please read! 🤣⬇️

  1. Autism Community is our Target Market
  2. Hiring and Teaching people from the Autism Community
  3. Donating 10% of sales to autism organization
  4. Client will get 10% of website design package
  5. Hosting a Resource discussion/coffee talk for parents in the autism community soon

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